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  • Biotransformation of Agricultural Waste and By-Products, 1st Edition The Food, Feed, Fibre, Fuel (4F) Economy

    New book forthcoming in March 2016, it discusses advances in technology and plant design which support the exploitation and valorization of vegetable and fruit by-products through fermentation (feed-batch liquid fermentation, solid state fermentation) in bio-based bio-chemicals / biofuels / ingredients. Many TRANSBIO partners were involved in the preparation of this book.



TRANSBIO will target and realize different biotechnological approaches for transforming by-products from fruit and vegetable processing industry into value-added bioproducts.
The project aims to reduce production costs for biopolymer PHB, bio-based succinic acid and enzymes for detergent application. Finally, remaining biomass will be evaluated for their potential to be used for biogas production. Learn more…

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